“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” -Virginia Woolf


sw-salt-hellfireHellfire® Habanero Smoked Sea Salt

The hot, smoky spice of Saltwork’s Hellfire® Habanero Smoked Sea Salt will give you just the delicious burn that you’ve been looking for. The perfectly smoked flavor, warming heat, and just the right amount of savory tang, makes SaltWorks® Hellfire extra mouthwatering. To create this wonderful gourmet smoked salt variety, we took our famous Snowflake® Pacific Northwest Sea Salt, slow smoked it over mesquite wood, and added spicy habanero peppers and juicy limes. The combination of the smoky heat and citrusy bite lends itself to just about any dish.  Garlic, Lime, Smoked Sea Salt.  2.5 ounces  $14.95   add-to-cart  

sw-salt-wildfireWildfire® Smoked Sea Salt & Herbs

Bring the herbaceous, aromatic flavors of the garden into your kitchen with Wildfire® Smoked Sea Salt & Herbs by SaltWorks®, one of the most delicious smoked salts available. With fresh garlic, woodsy rosemary, and our famous Snowflake® Pacific Northwest Sea Salt, Saltwork’s has created the perfect put-it-on-everything ingredient. The delicate flake sea salt is infused with real garlic & rosemary, and then slow smoked over pecan wood to create its rich, delectable flavor. This smoky, savory salt adds zest as a crunchy finishing salt and layers of flavor when melted into sauces, soups and stews. Garlic, Rosemary, Smoked Sea Salt   2.5 ounces  $14.95   add-to-cart 

sw-salt-bonfireBonfire® Extra Bold Smoked Salt

When you need to add the intense, powerful essence of campfire smoke to dishes that need a bit of enjoyable, rugged flavor, Bonfire® Extra Bold Smoked Salt is the ultimate all-natural smoked sea salt. Using their Pacific Northwest-harvested Snowflake® sea salt and  proprietary real-wood smoking process, Saltworks has created Bonfire Extra Bold Smoked Salt that is naturally smoked with a blend of seven carefully selected woods over the course of 14 days to create a hearty smokehouse flavor. Deliciously rich and enticing, Bonfire will instantly transform your dishes with its deep, smoky aroma, intense savory palate, and crisp, flakey texture.  Smoked Sea Salt   2.5 ounces  $14.95   add-to-cart 

sw-salt-snowflakeSnowflake® Pacific Northwest Sea Salt

Snowflake® Pacific Northwest Sea Salt is specifically crafted by SaltWorks® to be the best gourmet finishing salt available. From the cold, clean waters of the Pacific Northwest, this natural sea salt has perfectly balanced flavor and beautifully white, shimmering crystals that are reminiscent of freshly fallen snow. Snowflake’s light, flaky texture, delicate taste and excellent crunch make it ideal for finishing any meal. As a finishing touch, sprinkle over pasta, chicken or steak, grilled vegetables or lightly salt your butter for beautiful presentation and phenomenal flavor. Pacific Northwest Sea Salt  2.5 ounce  $14.95   add-to-cart

stonewall-kitchen-maine-sea-saltStonewall Kitchen Maine Sea Salt

Sun-dried on Bailey Island, Maine, this Sea Salt is unrefined and free of additives, making it full of flavor with just the right texture. The cool, mineral-rich waters of the Gulf of Maine provide our natural sea salt with a unique flavor. The seawater is simmered over an open, hard wood fire to harvest the flavorful sea salt. Once the heat is reduced, the sea salt is solar evaporated in shallow green house pools. The crystal size makes Maine Sea Salt ideal for use in a salt grinder or for adding to recipes by hand.  6 ounces 

Each $10.95   add-to-cart