Towels and Accessories

“Great cooking favors the prepared hands.”  ~Jacques Pepin



prime-cut-tea-towelPrime Cut Tea Towel

The perfect gift for your gourmet cook. This white, extra absorbent, 100% cotton tea towel displays the various cuts of meat as would be presented at a local butcher shop. Designed specifically for us, it’s a handy accessory to have when cooking and adds a nice gourmet touch to your kitchen.

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sk-tea-towell-12-days-of-christmas12 Days of Christmas Tea Towel

Add a touch of nostalgia to the kitchen decor for the holiday season.Made of 100% cotton, this soft and absorbent Christmas themed tea towel looks great and is ready to wipe up spills or dry hands at a moment’s notice. Why stop at just one? It will make a perfect gift for the gourmet chef on your Christmas list.

$7.95 Each   add-to-cart





sk-tea-towel-gingerbreadGingerbread Tea Towel

Add a touch of whimsy to the kitchen this holiday season. Catch this one if you can! This cheerful Gingerbread Tea Towel features decorative gingerbread people, gingerbread houses and trees–a perfect accompaniment for all your holiday baking. Made of 100% cotton and machine washable, it’s great for drying hands and wiping up kitchen spills.

$7.95 Each add-to-cart

sk-tea-towel-holiday-redHoliday Red Plaid Tea Towel

This exclusive Stonewall Kitchen design was inspired by their own in-house design team and the festive holiday packaging they created for their gifts and collections. Featuring a cheerful, seasonal red plaid pattern, this soft and absorbent tea towel is a wonderful and handy holiday accent to add to your kitchen

$7.95 Each  add-to-cart