Cooking Prep & Access

“Great cooking favors the prepared hands.”  ~Jacques Pepin




captureSolid, robust and designed to last, Typhoon’s cast iron pestle and mortars are heavy weight and perfect for pulping, grinding and bruising herbs and spices. Created using a simple but effective sand casting method perfected from the Iron Age no less, just season with oil on a regular basis to keep the pestle and mortar in tip top condition.



mezzaluna-seMezzaluna Set

Sustainably sourced beech wood. Stainless steel double blade mezzaluna. Giftbox. Sizes: Hachoir H 1 x W 7.9 x D 7.9 inch. Mezzaluna L 5.5 inch.

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cast-iron-two-in-one-pestle-and-mortarCast Iron 2 in 1 Pestle and Mortar

Pre-seasoned cast iron. Pouring lip (large mortaronly). Gift boxed. Sizes: L 3.93 x D 1.18 inch.(pestle). L 4.72 x D 3.93 x H 2.36 inch. (mortar).

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